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About Sarokh

About Sarokh


Sarokh aims to solve the major issue faced by E-Commerce stores in the GCC region such as Missed Delivery, Accessibility & Costly Returns. People have a busy life style and do not have someone at home to pick up or drop off shipment on their behalf all the time which leads to missed deliveries. We solve this problem by offering Sarokh Points all across the kingdom and partnering up with the local Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Saloons, Stationary Store, Supermarkets etc. Now, instead of waiting all day for the courier guy to arrive at your location, you can pickup your shipment from the nearby Sarokh Point at your convenience.

Some numbers about a Sarokh

Clients prefer a Sarokh 56%
Shoppers buy from Sarokh Points 45%
Save on shipping costs 25%
purchases increased 3 times more 100%

About Sarokh

Sarokh is a tech based express delivery company providing hassle free delivery services for business all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2019, started our operation in Jeddah and has become the region’s fastest growing logistics company. Our Sarokh platform is designed to be a control tower that can provide you a depth performance of your logistics processes. We gather the performance of your deliveries with real time tracking in order for you to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your business processes based on your data. Our ambition is to be the best delivery partner to work with. We are continuously evolving our customer experience to deliver brilliantly simple solutions that make sending and receiving shipments easier and more flexible.

Our Vision

Our main aim is to produce easy access for the people of Saudi Arabia and with Sarokh Point we make life much easier. Our vision includes connectivity between the retailers and consumers at a much cheaper price through locations that are more approachable and more importantly availability of location and time chosen by them. And so we created SAROKH That feeling which comes from being in a new place and you find the local store in the morning and they do fresh bread and store keeper’s name is Ahmed; you find the laundromat and they’re open till midnight; you find the corner restaurant and Mohammad behind the counter welcomes you to the neighborhood. That’s the connectivity we are talking about it. People helping each other with things like looking after your shipment until you come to Sarokh Point and the feeling of connection that comes with it, that is at the heart of what need as humans. We’d like to find that again.