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How it works

How it works


Click on the link in your message (Text Message or Whatsapp) to open the shipment tracking package.


Click on Track Shipment in the main menu and enter the tracking ID provided by the Sender

Select the location you wish the shipment to be delivered

Once the shipment arrives at the selected Point, Sarokh will send you a confirmation message.

Now all you do is collect your shipment at your convenient time


Sign up as  an individual shipper from the registration menu


Open a corporate account from the registration menu

Create a new shipment from your user dashboard and print the waybill.

Make sure you pack the goods in a rectangular box, seal it with tape and stick the waybill on the package

.Select the Sarokh Point from the shipment dashboard or select the courier to pickup from your location

Hand over the shipment to our agent at the Sarokh Point or wait for the courier to arrive for pickup.

Need further assistance?

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You can call customer support at 920033995