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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We are Saudi based start-up that is disrupting the local delivery businesses with our innovative technology. We have challenged the legacy technology by building cutting-edge, user-friendly mobile and desktop applications, backed by a reliable algorithm which automatically connects customers with our Sarokh Points.  Consequently, we have created an on-demand delivery service that is cost effective, scalable, accessible and convenient to everyone.

API & E-Commerce

Available on Android platforms & optimized for performance. Rating scale of 1-5, which determines the customer service. Route automatically optimized for pick-up and drop-off of multiple shipments to our Sarokh Points.

Web Portal

Easily integrated & implemented into existing logistics infrastructure. Client can manage warehouses and track the shipment. Ability to manage multiple packages to multiple Sarokh Points.

Sarokh Web App

Consumer focused market place integrations with local Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Saloons, Stationary Stores etc. currently our eCommerce API integrations for Holland & Barrett, Cambridge Weight Plan etc. Connecting businesses with consumers for on demand delivery.

Market Opportunities

Potential in the delivery industry

Local delivery in Saudi Arabia is a SR 1.6B market per yearE-Commerce sales expected to reach SR 15B by 2020 in Saudi Arabia

38% of E-Commerce purchases in Saudi Arabia is clothing and apparel

What’s happening in the industry?

  • Nearly 70% of smart-phone users purchase online using mobile
  • 9/10 consumer still order their meal via telephone – 50% of consumers will order their food online by 2018
  • Consumers have rising expectations for faster delivery requiring retailers to seek alternative logistic solutions
  • Home-based and direct point of sale require product delivery
  • Growth of eCommerce is not only volume, but the breadth of goods that Saudis are purchasing online
  • 64% of millennials more likely to make a purchase from a brand with a customer rating system


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